Why You Should Network with Current Customers

One of the best ways to get new customers is to network with those that you’ve  done business with. Your previous customers are valuable to the life of your future business.

As you get each new customer, you want to network with that customer again in the future to keep your business in their mind and to keep them on as a walking and talking billboard for your business.

The future of your business needs to evolve to include repeat customers and referral customers, both of whom are vital to the ongoing relationship of your business, the consumer, and the local surroundings of your business.

So now you ask; “How can I network with previous customers?” It’s easier than you might think!

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Even if your customers are online, you can still network with them. A simple note, or email will do the trick. Refer to them by name, and offer helpful, metered advice. Chat with your customers about the care and maintenance of what they have purchased from you, or what work you have done for them. Ask if there is anything that can be done to improve the process they went through while dealing with your business.

Network with your clients by taking them to lunch, or doing something out of the ‘ordinary’ to express your appreciation for their business. As you continue to acknowledge those clients, they’ll keep you fresh in their minds. They’ll tell others about how you thanked them, and how they feel about your business.

The internet business is going to use newsletters, emails and special offers sent to previous customers as ways of networking and keeping in touch with those customers. Keeping the lines of communication open with a customer is going to increase awareness of your products and services. This in turn is will increase sales, one repeat customer at a time.

In business you can network with previous customers by creating mailing lists and using them with a great CRM to stay in touch. Offering helpful tips about the care and maintenance of a product they purchased with you, or making helpful recommendations for its use are great ways to stay in touch, and your customer will greatly appreciate the effort.

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