About Us

The Small Business Sales Blueprint and its 5 simple steps to small business profitability came about as we were initially marketing our industry leading SBD Sales and Marketing Automation. We initially developed SBD Sales and Marketing Automation as a result of our own needs at Internetnextstep.com Consulting Ltd. our 25 year old software company.

We found existing CRM software was complicated and made so much busy work. We decided to build our own.  Something focussed ONLY on increasing revenues and eliminate the busy work and stress.  Our sales team LOVED it. Other Small Businesses and Sales Teams loved it too!

We initially sold with a “Do It Yourself”, business model, simply selling and supporting the cutting edge SBD Sales and Marketing Automation Software to Small Business owners. We now offer a “Done For You” option and our clients all over the world are LOVING IT. It is not magic. You have to adopt it and USE it! This is where the Small Business Sales Blueprint came in.

We work with your business to see what you need and the fastest way we can help increase your sales and profits and reduce your stress as an overworked owner. We then configure the Small Business Dream Suite to fit you within the guidelines of our Small Business Sales Blueprint including web design, sales funnel setup, email follow up copywriting and database collection, then teach you to use it. Less stress for you and MUCH faster profit growth.

Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, carpet store, doctor, dentist, lawyer, coach, author, flower shop, mechanic or any other business, it does not matter. SmallBizDream.com and executing our blueprint will increase sales.